I am sure you would agree to one thing – that tea keeps you running.

And that we serve great tea 😊

Tea is one drink which you can drink anytime without giving it a second thought. If you are sad, you cap sip tea and it refreshes your mood. When you are stressed or are worried about something, it calms you down, there is nothing else like Chai.

And when the chai is from your very own Samocha, customized as per your liking, it’s icing on the cake.
Everyone has different preferences for tea, there are people who like it with adrak (ginger), then there are those who prefer the masala Chai, then the ones who prefer the kadak Chai with less milk etc, and we have always cared for this. Serving you ‘Your Cup of Chai @ Samocha’ is what we love to do.

When we first thought of the concept behind Samocha , we kept in mind that our cafes would help you relish really happy moments and memories, keeping aside all the worries. It hasn’t been long time since we opened, but we are seeing how Samocha is helping you create so many stories around chai. Seeing so many happy faces in the cafe makes us feel good, always.

And that’s why we created a wall for Stories Around Chai, a wall where you can write down about how you feel at Samocha. The sticky notes work like magic, you can write whatever you want and stick them on the wall. Seeing the wall full of so many notes and no place left to stick more notes adds to our happiness. Reading those notes gives a kind of nostalgic feeling.


This also assures us that we, at Samocha, are on the right path of serving you fresh and hygienic chai and helping you create stories around chai.

We are waiting for your sticky note on the wall, just drop by and write something amazing.

Keep sipping @ Samocha!

Inspired by what we do? The good news is – we are franchising now. Take your sustainable business step with us and own a Samocha franchisee (Samocha Tea Café Franchisee). Call us on 7411481716 or mail to – shivendra@samocha.co to know more 😊