When it comes to customer experience, we see how a certain organization is treating its customers and provide an overall satisfaction to its consumers. In the hospitality/F&B industry, customer experience matters a lot. We are pretty sure you would never go to a place where you had a bad experience or were not satisfied with the services.

We at Samocha: Stories Around Chai understand how important a great customer experience is. Since all we do at Samocha revolves around customer centricity, we ensure our customers get a great experience at our outlets, each time they visit us. We take care of each aspect of a great customer experience – be it a warm welcome/greeting when the customer comes to our premise, be it the ordering process or the customization of a particular dish. Anything that comes to your mind which enhances customer experience, we have worked on that.

We have been here for quite a time now and are rapidly growing in various other places around the country. As our tagline “Stories Around Chai” gives you a gist of what Samocha is all about. It is about you and your stories with your friends or family, Samocha is enhancing the experience of your story, we are building a better relationship our customers.

  • Staff Behavior: All the employees working in the café are well trained and experienced; the way they talk and handle any customer is praiseworthy. They are always willing to help and treat the customer as king. It is in the company’s culture to treat everyone with utmost respect as the management also takes cares of their employees.
  • Customization of Orders: At Samocha, we are taking customized orders at every step if you want so. All the menu items can be customized according to your needs and wants. You can even opt for a serving of tea in a kulhad, indeed it is customizing at every level.
  • Handling Complaints: If there is any complaint about the quality or taste of the food item, we either refund or you can tell what went wrong and it will be prepared again for you. At Samocha, we do take your reviews and complaints seriously and constantly work to improve the customer experience.
  • Loyalty Program: We have our loyalty program that helps us build personalized relationship with each of our customer. We try to build a personal connect with each of our customer by wishing her on various special occasions and giving her a customized offer. We also use a feedback system where customers can give us feedback and we use this feedback to learn and improve the services.
  • Hygiene and Ambience: When it comes to hygiene and ambience, we are very strict. At Samocha, we have been using sanitizers since inception and we constantly sanitize and take care of the environment inside the whole café. Ambience is at par with any other premium café.
  • Pocket Friendly: The pricing is not expensive at all. We try to ensure you get a great experience at affordable prices.

There are lots of things that go on at the backend to ensure you enjoy a great customer experience.

Inspired by what we do? The good news is – We are franchising now. You can write to us at – franchise@samocha.co  or call us on 7411481716 to know more about Samocha Franchisee.