As you already know, Samocha is a place for great tea and happy moments. Our guests enjoy sitting at Samocha, for the great chai and snacks options and the soothing and relaxing ambiance it ambience it offers.

In our continuous efforts towards creating some happy stories for our guests at Samocha : Stories Around Chai , we recently hosted an event named as “Nazm-e-shaam” on June 22, 2018. As the name suggests, the event had some poets from the city of Kanpur to amaze our the audience with their words, while they sip their chai.

Chai and poetry go hand in hand, and that was the core of the event.

The event was hosted by Ameesh and Prachi and we had Ashwani, Varshita, Tusharika, Mudit and Amir from Kanpur with their amazing poetry.

We started Samocha : Stories Around Chai with the core idea of serving fresh and hygienic tea to society, along with great snacks in a cozy ambience, and we feel good when our guests enjoy at Samocha. We keep doing various kind of events like poetry and stand-up comedy so that our guests enjoy their time at Samocha and create some happy moments.

We keep doing such events at regular intervals. Keep following us on our Facebook and Instagram Pages to know when the next event is happening.

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