Do you guys know what Kanpur is famous for? Yes right, Kanpur is famous for finest quality leather, textile and lip smacking food.

Samocha : Stories Around Chai, which is a new entrant in the already existing cafe market in the city is making a name for itself through its chai and other great delicacies. Within a short span of time, Samocha has earned a name in serving the best one can get in the city.

We take pride in saying that we serve the best Chai in Kanpur. This is not some kind of self-appreciation but it is something that each of our customer says, either directly to us or by giving us excellent reviews/ratings on various online platform like Google, Zomato, Swiggy, Uber Eats etc. We see a lot of great reviews about us, everywhere, which motivates us to work hard even more. People come here, relish their cup of tea which is completely customized to their taste, read a book and leave happy.

All this is made possible with people’s love for Samocha and our hard work to be better than yesterday. The hard work we put in everything we do, right from sourcing the raw materials to preparation of chai to serving and then the customer service, everything is aimed at just one thing, to serve you the best chai in Kanpur.

We at Samocha :Stories Around Chai have only one motto i.e. to serve Fresh, Hot and Hygienic tea to society.


What makes our chai “The best Chai in Kanpur” is that we use the freshest tea leaves procured from the finest tea estates across the country and abroad. We use branded packaged milk, Sugar and RO water for preparation, customising the tea as per the customers’ preferences/ instructions (adding adrak, elaichi, masala, laung, kaali mirch, sugar etc.) and brewing it gradually for best aroma and taste.

Finally, all of our teas go through quality checks by the head chef leaving no scope for compromise with freshness, aroma, taste, quality, quantity or hygiene. We do not have a choice here but to serve the best, as all of this is about caring for our customers and serving them the best Chai in Kanpur.

We have 40+ variety of teas, from milk teas to green teas, iced teas, black teas, white teas, and other tea blends to suit to the needs of everyone.

We became very popular among the peeps very quickly because of our new and unique idea and our QSR model helped making us the best tea cafe in town.

We have something to serve for every age group. Our wide variety of quality teas, snacks like samosas, sandwiches, maggi, pasta, fries etc. and other beverages like shakes, mocktails, cold coffee etc. attract all. The delicacies have always been praised by people of all ages alike.

We are creating memories and spreading happiness through our offerings and helping people make stories around chai. Our Story Wall has all the little stories people shared over the period, sipping the Best Chai in Kanpur. Be it a date, birthday or a promotion party, people have celebrated & shared all sort of happy moments and conversations here at Samocha : Stories Around Chai.

Wanna spend some great time with yourself or your loved ones? Just visit us and create some stories around chai.

Excited by what we do? The good news is – We are franchising now. Just call us on 7411481716 or 8505995798 or write to us at –