There has been a lot of discussion about Green Tea. If you ask people about the green tea, many would say that they don’t like the taste.

Whether people like the taste of green tea or not, they know its good for health.

Our job at Samocha is to improve your thoughts about Green Tea and we want you to make green tea a part of your routine. With this in mind, we are bringing to you some really great and best green teas in Kanpur.

We at Samocha Cafe serve you the best green tea in Kanpur. Our teas are sourced directly from tea gardens spread in and around Darjeeling. They are packaged at source in vacuum-sealed packaging which keeps them fresh. The packs are opened when you order your cup here at Samocha Cafe.

So, there is no compromise either with the quality or with the freshness of these green teas and tea blends.


If we talk about the non-milk teas we have, you would be surprised to know the variety that you can get at your favourite Samocha Cafe. We have :

  1. Green Teas
  2. Black Teas
  3. Oolong Teas
  4. White Teas
  5. Tea Blends / Speciality Teas
  6. Ceremonial Grade Japanese Matcha Tea

And we have 5 to 7 teas in each type. Isn’t that a long list to choose from? It certainly is.

We are recommending here few green teas which you can try during your next visit to Samocha Cafe, and we are sure you are gonna love them.

So if you are new to green teas, first suggestion would be to try KASHMIRI KAHWA GREEN TEA. Its a tea blend of freshest and Best quality green tea leaves, almonds, pinch of cardamom, rose petals and the royal saffron. Its aroma is enough for you to start your day with good vibes. So whenever you are at Samocha Cafe the next time, don’t forget to order your cup of Kashmiri Kahwa Green Tea. Forgot to tell you, it’s one of our bestsellers too !

The other recommendations would be try to try JASMINE GREEN TEA and CHAMOMILE GREEN TEA. These are the floral blends of best quality green tea leaves. A sip of these teas would add freshness to your mood.

A little on the premium side, you can try SILVER NEEDLE WHITE TEA . White Teas are the least processed teas and contain highest amount of antioxidants, making them great choice for your good health.

One can also go for the Ceremonial Grade JAPANESE MATCHA, we serve it in the authentic dishes, along with that bamboo whisk. One cup of Japanese Matcha is equal to ten cups of regular green teas, in terms of antioxidants, so that’s a plus.

If you start sipping green teas on a regular basis, they help you with weight loss and detox. So, let’s make it a habit.

Here is a 20% Off for you (Quote the code GREEN20 while placing your order, valid till 15th March 2018). Don’t miss out on sipping the best green tea in Kanpur.

Inspired by what we do? The good news is – we are franchising now. Take your sustainable business step with us and own a Samocha franchisee (Samocha Tea Café Franchisee). Call us on 7411481716 or mail to – to know more 😊